our food system needs you

Let's make food systems more sustainable by 2030.


our food system needs you

Let's make food systems more sustainable by 2030.


Why Myfood30?

Because our food systems don’t always work as well as they might do

Despite producing enough food to feed the global population, many people still go hungry.  Food is often lost or wasted in the journey from farm to fork. The way we produce, process, consume and dispose of food is also having a negative impact on our planet. 

To deal with these issues effectively, we need to know what to focus on.

We also need fresh thinking and new ideas about how to make change happen.


What do we want to achieve?

The United Nations has worked with people across the world to draw up 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Development Goals create a clear framework for global development - including the creation of more sustainable agri-food systems. 

On September 25th, 193 world leaders committed to achieving these goals. 



Three goals are all about creating more sustainable food systems

These are supported by targets that set out what would be happening if the goals were achieved by 2030.

Now they are officially adopted, each country needs to decide what they will do to support the achievement of the goals and targets.


The project so far


So far we've listened to the views of young people from all around the world and held events to discuss the findings with national and international decision makers. 


Hearing your views

10 August - 29 September 

Expert Survey


Those studying for an agri-food qualification or working in the sector shared their views on priorities for the future and gaps in talent development.



Young people from across the world unleashed their inner super heroes and found out more about sustainable food systems along the way


Talent workshop

30 September 2015

35 young survey respondents, sector representatives and decision makers came together to discuss the survey findings identify what needed to be done to drive agri-food talent development in Switzerland.



Side Event at CFS 42

13 October 2015

A Side Event at the 42nd Committee on World Food Security let us present the MyFood30 findings to an audience of international decision makers and prioritize the actions needed to take the agenda forward.


Where do I come in?

You are the future of our food systems.

MyFood30 is all about hearing young people’s voices on the future of our agri-food systems and making sure you have the support you need to help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The findings of the MyFood30 project can be found here. Help us to share them with as many people as possible!